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Let39s be honest Shiro is a closeted disaster gaybi came out as gay
Lmao that time when 80s Keith tells Allura “No thanks” when she asked him to pretend to date her
You're literally experimenting on this binch and you have the audacity to ask if he's oKAY | Voltron | Pinterest | Klance, Voltron klance and Shiro
Shiro had a glow up. Actually it's more like 10 glow ups but still
They look like Shiro
'HI GAY IM DAD' *Falls off bed* *Is dying of laughter*
Did you see this?>> MORE PROOF AS TO WHY LANCE IS MY S O N
Yeah there's a theory that the shiro we got back is a clone sooooo what if the black lion knows whats up and is like . BISHH THIS AINT MINE I AINT ...
I think pidge would be the opposite and shiro should be the we have food at home.
Lol || Voltron Garrison Cosmo dog
I swear I can deal with close up pics of Keith cause I just love his eyes. They're so gorgeous. Babe.
Voltron Shrek AU by @/qiabata on insta
Shiro and Bucky 1/2
ha, no Voltron Ships, Form Voltron, Voltron Klance, Klance Fanart, Lance
I feel like Pidge would be wearing sunglasses and be chill in the hoop, instead of freaking out 😂
Switch Lotor and Shiro and we got a deal (well don't think Alturas
Image result for texan keith meme Form Voltron, Voltron Klance, Shiro Voltron, Telling
TKG (火の国の民) on
Shiro's side profile - 2. his majestic hair floof - 3. that lil eyebrow crease"
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you can really tell keith felt so bad for shiro after cutting his arm off and honestly it's giving me tears.
Altean!Lance | Tumblr LANCE AND KEITH HIGHKEY LOVE/HATE EACHOTHER----is no one going to mention the fact the Keith chugged a glass of chocolate milk as it ...
i'm glad i didn't stay home
I've literally never seen Keith smile until this scene #funny #laugh #laughing #meme #memes #keith #funny #mulletchild #voltron #anime
Badass Gay
Keith and his Galra Mother, Krolia in Remember Me in Coco style from Voltron Legendary Defender
People also love these ideas
*Insert reaction gif of that black dude breaking down sobbing* Form Voltron, Voltron
Me hoping season 6 will fix this mess
#shiro #keith #klance #shada #takashishirogane #takashi #adam #voltron #vld #lance #kogane #mcclain #hunk #pidge #paladins #redpaladin #blackpaladin ...
shiro with white carnations and purple gladiolus. its midnight why did i do this.
The accuracy of Keith's puppet is amazing | Funny | Pinterest | Klance, Voltron klance and Form voltron
voltron legendary defender | keith kogane x lance mcclain | klance | shiro takashi
WHO GAVE PIDGE THE RIGHT TO BE SO DAMN CUTE | Space Children | Pinterest | Voltron klance, Klance and Form voltron
edit by follow-your-fandoms - Shiro clone theory | Voltron:LD | Pinterest | Shiro, Voltron klance and Klance
Only problem with this is that Pidge made up her name (her real name is Katie) so made up her name to be Pidge Gunderson so she can find out more about ...
LGBT bisexuality Asexuality heterosexual pansexuality homoseuxality | pansexual stuff | Pinterest | lGBT, Gay and Lgbt community
Honestly Pidge and Shiro's friendship means so much to me.
Shiro really shouldn't have told the Paladins what day his birthday was - Shiro, Lance, Keith, Pidge
That A D A M vine #Shiro #Adam #Voltron #shadam #adashi #takadam #vld
shiro just wants to check what dabbing is to protect his children (even though he's 6 shh)
I love Klance ❤ Rated PG for pretty gay. comics and art from one … Fanfiction
Straight Guys if a gay guy thinks you're hot you should feel flattered. We are picky as fuck.
LANCE MCCLAIN IS SO FUNNY !!!!! Luv him so much (even if my fav still Keith ❤ ) #VoltronLegendarydefender #Lance #McClain #
Klance headcanon - Credits: autumn-in-summer (Tumblr.) | voltron | Pinterest | Voltron klance, Klance and Voltron ships
Gay Blue Paladins
I see this happening way too often in the future
suit pertaining to this…
Sure, Let's Go with That
naruto : I'll break every bone of your body if I have to do
Unpopular opinion: if the leaks are real, I actually kinda think the dude in
That is true commitment. Love shouldn't be based on gender. Transgender Ftm
... but the one where I'm like "Hahahaha yeah, he's a bastard. It's the best. He's not sweet, he's not kind, he's not gentle. He's straight up a dick.
Sean Cody – Brandon
Oh my Kit Harington ❤ Gay Christmas, Christmas
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#LOL yep, docs jus can't seem to figure that one out 😄
Find ...
March comes in like a lion | 3月のライオン
its the same w people calling somethin gay i can call it gay cause i AM gay if youre not gay you usually aren't using it right
Encouragement Card for LGBTQ Coming Out, Pride, or Support
My Brother's Husband | 弟の夫
Sapphic, lesbian, wlw, poetry, quotes Poetry Quotes, Lesbian, Gay,
Cassandra then comes out of nowhere ...
Took over the world with Erza.
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Cyanide & Happiness is the long-running comic and TV series of internet fame. This is their first video game and it's packed full of the same dark comedy ...
Reader comments · JK Rowling faces 'tons of abuse' from LGBT Harry Potter fans - PinkNews · PinkNews
893 Essential Songs
This time around we have got Xombi, a comic book that combines surreal scenarios, lighthearted wit, and bone chilling horror. Now the name Xombi might ring ...
Thomas Wayne letter from the future to Bruce! Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox
RECAP/REVIEW: Runaways #4 - "Run" - For All Nerds .
Crazy Rich Asians John Chu Thai Cave Rescue
Not a meme but I found that and I loved it so much
This series has the strongest concept but it took a crucial nose-dive in execution. The irony is that it honestly may have the most important storyline of ...
Roxane Gay (PODCAST)
Tammie Brown, when quirky queens make beautiful boys
Breaking Bad Felina Review
How to Succeed in Fandom Without Really Trying
Brandi Glanville got fall-down, sloppy, messy drunk with her gay friends last night
Deathmatch Comes To Overwatch
Coming out cake
WHOA. Dang, this is kind of impressive.
Come on vamp fic authors, you're missing out on some great material here! <